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Come along and join in with Beachport Sings! our first community pub choir!

Everyone is welcome. 

When*: the last Wednesday night of each month, 7-8.30pm.

Where*: Beachport Hotel, Railway Terrace, Beachport. 

Cost: $5 entry fee per person, kids free.


At each Beachport Sings! event we learn a song in 3-part harmony in an hour, then after a short refreshment break, we perform and record it for our Facebook and YouTube pages.

Contact Jeannie with all enquiries on 0419 729 211


Do I need to learn the song before I get there? 

No, we will teach you everything you need to sing on the night. 

What if I haven't been before or can't make it one month? Will I get behind?

No, each month we'll be learning a new song. 

But I can't sing? 

So many of us have been told by someone in the past that we can't sing. We might hit a wrong note every now and then... that's fine! What better way to become a better singer than singing with friends once a month.

Can I come along if I'm not a singer? 

Yes, of course you can... just try and resist singing by the end of the night!

What if I can't read music?

We'll be handing out lyrics to songs and teaching all of the singing parts without music. You don't need to be able to read music to come to Beachport Sings! 

I play an instrument... should I bring it along? 

No, we'll have someone playing music up on stage. You just have to turn up ready to sing and have fun!

What if I don't like the song(s)?

Each month we'll be choosing a different song that we think will suit the Beachport Sings! Sometimes there might be a song that's not your favourite... with so many musical styles and choices, we'll do our best to keep everyone happy.


And always remember Beachport Sings! is just as much about singing with friends as it is about learning the actual song.

Why do we have to pay?

Each month we have to purchase a licence to make copies of the lyrics we use... this is where the money goes.

*special events are notified on our Facebook page

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