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A unique experience for ukulele players in Adelaide, South Australia. 

Formed in 2021, we are keen to hear from local ukulele players (intermediate and advanced levels) who would like to take their playing further in this unique collective.

Please contact Chris Waite with any questions about the audition pack or for further details.

VENUE: Pepper Street Arts Centre, Magill


DAY / TIME: Fortnightly on Sundays, 2-4pm


COST: Room hire / printing / insurances: $5 per month

Audition Notes 2022

All scales and pieces should be played at a tempo that is musical.


Play any of the following scales from Ukulele In The Classroom

  1. C major (ascending and descending), or

  2. C major in 3rds (ascending or descending) 

Rhythm / Chords

Play a given chord to two rhythms in 4/4 time (offbeat and syncopated)

Ensemble Pieces

Play the following pieces / parts:

  1. Purcell Canon

  2. Pachelbel Canon (not in D) Strummers

  3. Pachelbel Canon (not in D) Arpeggiator 

  4. Pachelbel Canon (not in D)

    • Pickers or Pickers Plus or Descalers

Chord-Melody Piece

Choose one of the following options:

  1. Finlandia (arr Michael Lynch)

  2. Acadian Lullaby (arr James Hill)

  3. La Vie En Rose (arr by Avon Hanson-Beadle)

  4. Open / free choice (any piece which includes simultaneous chord and melody performance)


It's a Community Orchestra... why have an audition? 

The audition is to help you decide whether UkestraSA is for you as much as it is for us to decide who plays which part. It will help you determine your sight-reading and playing level. The 'ensemble pieces' should be playable within a week and one 'chord-melody piece' ready within three or four weeks.

I don't know how to read basic music notation or ukulele tablature. Is UkestraSA for me? 

We will be relying on music and tab notation for players to learn their parts. We would love to have you join in the future though, so get in contact with your local ukulele group or sign up for a James Hill ukulele course at

Will we be singing songs from the Uke Club Book or song sheets? 

No, we will be playing arrangements of classical, traditional, jazz, rock, pop and techno music. Sometimes there will be singing but we're not a 'hum and strum' ukulele group. 

UkestraSA rhythms.png

FAQ's (ctd)

What techniques should I know to sign up? 

Intermediate players should know a variety of chords and be able to strum and shift between chords smoothly, as well as being able to play melodies and harmonies written on the music. Being able to mute notes (with either hand) and chords is also really important. 

In addition, advanced players should have some experience in fingerpicking, have confidence to take a solo sometimes and count-in or help with conducting.

Everyone should be comfortable performing into a microphone. 

What about practising, rehearsals and performances? 

Music will be given out in advance and workshopped at regular rehearsals (we'll announce a schedule once players have signed up). Once everything is sounding great we will book performances. 

Will rehearsals be teaching sessions? And who is the leader?

Yes and no! As musicians we are always learning from each other but there won't be any formal teaching. Of course we'll be workshopping the music to get it sounding just right but there's no formal teaching. The rehearsals will be led initially by Chris Waite but anyone who can conduct is welcome to step up. 

What about Musicians' Insurance?

Insurances are covered by Uke Warriors upon completion of registration. 

It's sounding pretty serious! Should I join?

UkestraSA is all about community music making, having fun, sharing music and showing the world that there is much more to the ukulele than they think...

The most serious thing we have is a No Noodling Policy! ;-)

Will I get paid?

No, sorry, we're all volunteers. 

I'd like to join, what next?

Contact Chris Waite to arrange an audition time. 


In addition to your audition, all member requests will be put forward to a committee of UkestraSA founding players. The committee make the final decision about member applications, taking into account your audition, available positions in the ensemble based on your audition, as well as evidence of demonstrated ability to perform harmoniously in a group-based musical environment. 

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