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How does it work? 

Watch the score and contact me to purchase the conductor (full) score and player parts.


Conductor scores cost $20-$30 each and must not be copied or distributed. You own this copy for ever!


Player parts cost $1 for each copy that you plan to make. I trust that you will make payments if you make copies in the future. 


All payments are made into my PayPal account (in AUD). 

Click on the "Purchase A Score" button to contact me. 

Videos Coming Soon for:  

  • A Song For All Seasons (with harmonies)

  • Beethoven Symphony No 5.1

  • Bombora Uke Ensemble

  • Chapel Of Love

  • Chase The Sun with Riffs

  • Dufay Nuper Rosarum Flores

  • Right Here, Right Now (Am) v3 - Score & Worksheet

  • Trouble (G) with Riffs

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